Monthly Author Challenge - Dim Sum or light snack... Not exactly light in this case ;)

Dim sum or what my friend called a light high tea... Hahahaha... I'm not a light eater and neither am I calling this light.

"Light high tea" for two.

Duck tongues with very delicate beancurd.

This is the first time, I'm having duck tongues, texture and taste similar to duck feet or chicken feet but somehow the thought of tongues stopped me at only one. The beancurd was delicate and smooth, almost melting in the mouth.

Deep fried pork instestines.

A tad oily and every bite seemed to have Miss Piggy screaming in my mouth...

Yam filled with shrimp.

Yam or taro was fragrant and shrimp was fresh, I enjoyed this.

Braised pork trotter.

Hmmm... Miss Piggy was here too... hahaha...

We had more as you can tell from the first photo but the other dishes were more common dim sum dishes but strangely enough, I actually enjoyed those more.

As I was still full from lunch so I wasn't exactly enjoying all these as I normally would have.

Lesson learned: Food don't taste as good when one is full ;)

We are all on a journey, remember to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way, and do good as often as you can and as much as possible.



Here's a few more from that little voice in my pea-brain head ;)

Here are some useful apps and resources that I use to keep track of my progress on steemit.
My favorite is and you will soon find out why ;)


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