Monthly Author Challenge - Dieting Becomes Easier?

Good news and bad news on my diet plan...

The good news is I'm still hanging on even though there's still no visible results to show. The bad news is food cravings have not become easier after a few weeks.

As a distraction to myself with some sort of control and choice, I decided to go for Yong Tau Foo lunch again.


Yong Tau Foo, pretty much considered healthy, as they are simply made up of a variety of tofu, fish paste, meatball, egg and vegetables which are then boiled.


At the food court, being economical becomes an added bonus.

All very tasty and somewhat fulfilling, eating healthy seemed easier.

Another day of dieting battles awaits, so far so good.

We are all on a journey, remember to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way, and do good as often as you can and as much as possible.



Here's a few more from that little voice in my pea-brain head ;)

Here are some useful apps and resources that I use to keep track of my progress on steemit.
My favorite is and you will soon find out why ;)


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