Steemit Monthly Author Challenge by @future24, March 2018 - Day 31

Sincerity for me is when a person is always totally engaged in business.
What is a busy affair?
For example - survival.

It seems that when a person reaches a level of survival, i.e.
when the next step is not clearly defined, then ... he is sincere.

He is total.
It comes to those boundaries, behind which it is clearly visible, as Somebody takes the person.
And the way starts to be generated literally on the move.

Nevertheless, all these experiments with life and consciousness continue.
Very unusual processes.

And I understand that it is very important now to write dreams.
And when there will be an exit already from a survival in abundance - not to forget WHY.
And do not go into excessive, senseless spending, but continue to be sincere.

And now these are projects.

a) Promotion of Yana Astakhova
b) club @moneyclub - 20+ sources of income
c) Webstudia - SNAP + texts, outsourcing
d) Non-Theater Doors - performances.
e) sales? Lily, Anatoly ..

Search? Hog? FL?

The last day of the marathon is a daily posting!


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