monomad - close up from the Totem and Taboo exhibition

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Last weekend i photographed this wonderful Totem and Taboo Exhibition hosted by Ilana Goor in the Ilana Goor Museum located in the Old Jaffa.
Hagit Peleg Rotem curated an exposition of the works of talented dear friends Lior Kesem Hamama Nadia Gorenstein.
I think that it was the most photographed place after La Sagrada Familia :-)))
The exhibition is still open - so, if you're somewhere around - run to visit it.

Ilana Goor Museum_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-9.jpg

Ilana Goor Museum_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-8.jpg

Ilana Goor Museum_Exhibition_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-36.jpg

Ilana Goor Museum_Exhibition_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-7.jpg

Ilana Goor Museum_Exhibition_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-21.jpg

Ilana Goor Museum_Exhibition_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-44.jpg

Ilana Goor Museum_Exhibition_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-10.jpg

Ilana Goor Museum_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-3.jpg

Ilana Goor Museum_Exhibition_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-12.jpg

Ilana Goor Museum_Exhibition_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-46.jpg

Ilana Goor Museum_Exhibition_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-39.jpg


Congratulations. Today's #monomad first place is yours. Thank You very much for participating.

thank you very much !

exceptional dear @victorbz! thanks because today you introduced me to an artist I didn't know :-)) and the black and white photos are my favorite, they are wonderful. do you do it for work or is it your passion? keep on and congratulations on your curie rating

thank you for the kind words!
this time i used my photography by request to shot behind the scenes for the exhibition opening in a documentary style as I love to photograph
thank you for asking me

really good, you're lucky to do such a nice job !!

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thank you very much !

Hi victorbz,

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oh my 1!!! such pleasure !!

Hi David. You have surprised me with these photographs because in addition to having an idea of the exhibition I also see your photographic concerns. I just need to take pictures of you while you take your pictures hahahaha. Thanks for sharing @victorbz