I wish I had special powers

in monomad •  17 days ago 


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Magic Feet


A few days ago while I was outside in my backyard playing with the yellow jackets I saw this grasshopper just chilling on my fence. I wish that I had cool feet like him that I could climb up walls and stuff.

One of these days I will be cool like grasshoppers.

This is my entry in the #monomad challenge. You can check out the latest post by @monochromes here. It is a fun contest and if you like black and white photography, you should give it a shot.

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Be careful with what you wish. 😊

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Special power dha

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Lmao one day you will be cool like a 🦗? Hehe well when u learn the secret to climbing walls with your bare feet please do share 😉🤣💙

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Such a clean ass edit I swear. bravo bruv, bravo.