19 November 2018 - Old house by the side of the road

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US Route 1, North Attleboro, Massachusetts

All content and images by @borepstein unless otherwise noted.

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Interesting image @borepstein - is this hoarfrost on the power pole and the upper tree branches?

It may have been some moisture - if was at least +5C at the time so it wasn't hoarfrost.

Thank you, it really looked like hoarfrost somehow - but at +5 ;)

Great photo . Every photo has a story.

The house is interesting, probably they do not live in it. Thank you for sharing

What makes you think so? The windows are intact, the sign on the right indicates there is a business being run out of that place. I think it is fully occupied.

Interesting photo . The house looks lonely

Great shot. In this house you can open a cafe on the road :)

You can.
They already run some sort of business out of there.

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