What a cruel world ... why does the pleasure of some mean drama to others? - Monomad Photographic Contest

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I have chosen #monomad for two reasons: because it encourages me to post daily and because it pushes my creativity. It's often difficult to choose the best option. It is subjective and it depends on our state at that moment.! So I want to explain why this photo and not another, I want to say what the following image tells me.

This is my entry for the #monomad contest

IMG_20190616_102458 1.jpg

I wanted to put more variants of this photo and showed again how hard it was for me to have the best ... I gave up.

The image of these two fish depresses me. Why are we willing to bring unhappiness to others for our pleasure?

This is just a small example!

You can try this contest, bring a lot of joy if you love the photo, the black and white photo and love to look for hidden beauty and meaning. Here are all the details of the participation: MONOMAD

(The daily topics are not mandatory anymore, but I'll leave them here in case you guys need some extra inspiration for any particular day)
Monday - Macro
Tuesday - Street
Wednesday - Abstract
Thursday - Animals
Friday - Flowers
Saturday - Silhouettes
Sunday - Skies

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Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort, and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.
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Love this capture. I'm not a vegetarian and I find this completely okay. Though I understand what you meant to say.
Much love

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I am not a vegetarian either ... I have also tried to philosophize.

Ah, the dead fish genre... :) Good luck in the contest!

Thank you!I don't have high expectations.

It looks a little depressing but so is life sometimes..

Yes of course! So I wanted to be ... sometimes I need a little depression (in the story)

Seems like a lovely idea!

Peace, Love, and Gratitude! 😍

Thank you! Wish you the same.

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Thank you! I'm excited every time I see an attention from you @c-squared. I voted, of course.

I love your caption! Good luck in the contest

Thank you very much!

Photo of the fish looks great in monomad. Depressing, yes, because they were once swimming happily and are now lifeless for our eating enjoyment.

Yes, that was what I wanted to say, thank you!