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RE: My entry for the monomad photography contest #monomad

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😊😊😊 hahahah i don't wanna know what your credit card thinks about that... But being black friday sure u could find a couple of crowns, three london towers, curtains and samurai's swords 😉😋 hahahah likewise! Enjoy your weekend dear OMG!


Brilliant idea! Then you are now officially appointed by the queen as black friday shopping manager. Congratulations ;) Wrap that crowns up, will you? And add three towers, no fur...ahem I meant four. And some golden mousies for the furry royalty. Thank youuuuuuu ;) Have a wonderful weekend :)

Helloooooo!! 😋😋 Hahahah how are u dear queen of the zombies!?! 🤗😊🤗 Sorry for a late answer, i was buying so many things at the blackfriday,bluesaturday,greensunday,greymonday and finally today i can say... Almost buyed!! The towers, the crowns, Marshmallows, curtains and a couple of samurai swords!! 😂😂😂 You so kind susanne, thanks for the proposal at pixrestemer 🤗💖🤗 starting the week like that sure is gonna be a great week! 😊😋 What about u? Any new ideas for a film came to u already? 😂😂Please tell me if u need some stuff, still being some offers at the supermarkets! 😋 Hahahahh kindest regards! 💖

I am good :) Hey, you‘re welcome! It is a cool photo and I cannot resist a great cat photo.
I guess the next thing they will invent is polka dotted Monday or Tartan Tuesday or Pinstripe Wednesday ;) Okay you shopping maniac.. here‘s the list. Okay one moment, bear with me...oh the other way round..I was just wondering if that‘s even my handwriting given those..hieroglyphs. Let me see, a chew resist cover for my tablet...that should do the trick...against Zombies? No this time the little rotters are truely innocent. Cat is the word! Lilly loves to chew my phone, my tablet, books, newspapers, everything remotely made from paper and also shoes, zippers, my watch...everything! Guess she would even gnaw on one of those poor zombies....well, that’s my girl :) Louis His royal highness...don‘t get me I found him literally directly beneath the ceiling, happily clawing his way up the walls. I wonder when he starts eating the house.
But let‘s continue with the list...oh gosh what a scribble...ahem...lots of mousies...tons of cat food...the book ‚ how to outsmart your human‘...hey wait a minute. That is not my list! Lillyyyyyyyyyyy!
Oh dear, cats are smart. I always used to say, when they start to learn how to write they will dominate the world. Well, that was that for humankind. Say bye bye to ruling the world. And thus humankind went into oblivion;)
Have a gnaw free, chew free wonderful evening :)

P.S. Where is my crown? Louis? Oh never mind....

OMG! 😳 I guess you have been a good queen this year cause i'm feeling like Santa Claus! 😋😂😂😂 my steem credit card is shaking right now but i'll do my best about looking for all that stuff and cat food cans 😂😂 would be better if they eat zombies of course! I will send some pens and colored pencils too for lilly and louis in case they want to send some christmas cards to humankind advertising about the conquest of the world! ✏️✏️✏️😊😉 Have a great evening and remember to close windows and doors in order to keep the world safe of their whiskers! 😋 Kindest regards susanne! See u around! 😉

You don‘t think they announce their sinister plans prior to put them into action ;) Dream are talking about masterminds with a furry costume ;) Have a lovely zombie free, sinister cat free evening...meow meow meoooow...oh shit that human thinks the queen is writing that post......huuuuuumans...just so easy to deceive....oooops...

:) the week is being a little sinister, i just want the weekend come to has a couple of relaxing days far away from the city!!! :) (yes, i know u cannot live out of the city lights, but sometimes it is so noisy and listening silence is coming great to my human mind!) :P hahahah

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