Sort: mean...they don‘t want to cuddle??? Oh no...nooooooo....heeeeeelp!!!! Ruuuun! Where are the boats?.....Boats? Oh wait...wrong catastrophe scenario...just....ruuuuun ;) And I had that funny notion they might be distantly related to Gremlins...

hahaah i put some boats in my last post to scape from them!! ;) hahahah hurry up!!

boats are fine. as long as you don‘t put an iceberg in your post ;)
by the my little gremlins tried to scare a plumber by howling loudly behind the door. did not work. he found them cute. the royals were a bit miffed about that and especially Lilly was not amused at all. Have a wonderful evening. Hope you won‘t need the boats ;)

hahahh poor plumber! :) should be the first time those tigers do not scare someone :P hahahh i need the boat to sail the weekends of course! hahahh ;) enjoy the week OMG!

hope you had a good week so far :) the royal highnesses are not talking to me today because yesterday we were at the vet. that is obviously a biiig nono. it was bad enough that they were dogs in the waiting room staring at them. however if dogs could turn into stone by just give them a deadly cat stare, there would now be some funny looking garden ornaments. after grawling at the staff - did not work though - and getting their shots - you never saw two cats looking so pissed. yeah a cat life is not easy ;)

ohhhh :) hahah poor little tigers! sure living at you place is easier and much better, even if dogs around ;)

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