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RE: My entry for the monomad photography contest #monomad

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OMG! 😳 I guess you have been a good queen this year cause i'm feeling like Santa Claus! 😋😂😂😂 my steem credit card is shaking right now but i'll do my best about looking for all that stuff and cat food cans 😂😂 would be better if they eat zombies of course! I will send some pens and colored pencils too for lilly and louis in case they want to send some christmas cards to humankind advertising about the conquest of the world! ✏️✏️✏️😊😉 Have a great evening and remember to close windows and doors in order to keep the world safe of their whiskers! 😋 Kindest regards susanne! See u around! 😉


You don‘t think they announce their sinister plans prior to put them into action ;) Dream are talking about masterminds with a furry costume ;) Have a lovely zombie free, sinister cat free evening...meow meow meoooow...oh shit that human thinks the queen is writing that post......huuuuuumans...just so easy to deceive....oooops...

:) the week is being a little sinister, i just want the weekend come to has a couple of relaxing days far away from the city!!! :) (yes, i know u cannot live out of the city lights, but sometimes it is so noisy and listening silence is coming great to my human mind!) :P hahahah

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