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Black and White photographs have its own charm,
Like many things that we cherish about olden generataion.
Black and white photographs were one among the things
that we lost in the race to reach the millenium.

But the quality and beauty of those photos are still can not match with the new technolgies of photoshopping, digital camera etc.
So I was excited to participate in this challenge.
It's that time of the day again;

Good photography and the monotone effect and
this is copied from the organizer of this contest viz @monochromes

This is a challenge for which interested steemiens can participate on an everyday basis.

If you would like to know more about this contest, please click here


Warm Wishes

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And here are the few rules you should know.

  • Use the #monomad tag as your first tag. (ELIMINATORY FACTOR)
  • Clearly mention the #monomad challenge in your post title or post body. For example: "This is my entry for the #monomad challenge". (ELIMINATORY FACTOR)
  • Upvote the #MonoMad post from the previous day. (ELIMINATORY FACTOR)
  • The posts must be in Black and White or Monochrome tones. (ELIMINATORY FACTOR)
  • Colorsplash edits are allowed.
  • Every picture must be your own and that will be checked, so don't even bother posting Google images. Stolen content will be immediately reported to @steemcleaners. (ELIMINATORY FACTOR)




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