MONOMAD Challenge: Stormy Sunday Skies

in monomad •  last year  (edited)

stormy skies.jpg

There's nothing like a good stormy sky in spring to get a photographer running for her camera, amature and professional alike.

I grew up storm watching, from a safe distance, and I love a good pre-storm sky. The ominous twisting and turning and visual depth all contribute the fleeting beauty of the weather. Of course, here in Arkansas, one has to also be prepared to run for cover, should things take a turn towards the disastrous!

I'm glad to partake in this Sunday's #monomad challenge to keep me looking towards the skies. Thanks for looking! @allforthegood


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Oh dang, that is epic! That is one of the coolest cloud pics I've seen in a long time.


Thanks! They were literally swirling ever so slowly, a little creepy though. I thought about you and knew you'd appreciate it. :)

Wow - great photo! I also like the starkness of the trees that are framing those angry clouds.


Thanks! I had a half dozen pics, but liked this one best for the same reason.