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RE: On being a Lighthouse and Other Necessities

What an awesome post I do love lighthouses even though i have got very few shots of them thats something i need to work on

I love your question are you a lighthouse, my honest answer is I dont know but it has got me thinking



Now, that really surprises me! Especially since the kids are in Massachusetts. See here You will be having a blast when you relocate! There is so much to do, you won't miss New York City!

Lies! Lies! But, you will miss it less!

I know that when you go there, it is for family time, but, that will change once you move up there. I think you will be so very happy, and you will become one of those uppity yuppities who winter in Florida. LOL

Thank you for stopping by and I can definitely say you are a lighthouse, people are always learning from you and you are always helping everyone out, including myself. So, thank you for that and so much more!

Have a great night!


I did do two trips with Lulu to find lighthouses here in CT both times I took a zig when I should have zagged and never found the and that was using a GPS, the only times i generally see then when driving along and can't stop or its a rainy day and not good for photos, but now with your link you shared and thanks so much for that I will try and get to see someof these when we move there

Ohh I know I will miss NYC, but hopefully will find new things and keep myself busy.

I try and help when I can but still am not sure I am a lighthouse

Cheers and !BEER

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