Monochrome Monday

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Thank you!

How fast as your camera taking waves?! Nice movements! I almost get sea sick! LoL

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Thank you. The wind was blowing hard but i was nice and fresh upon the land.

Is it time to get a camera? lol

Honestly! You cannot take good pictures with an old mobile!

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Those are lovely! Your pictures always make me want to drive to the beach.

Thank you! What's the nearest beach to you? I wish i was there. I'm bored out of my mind here

We're about 40 miles from the beach in northern Oregon. It's a lovely drive and our beaches are breathtaking. Probably because most of the time it's too cold to hang out there!

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Names! names! lol, and photos. I really need some new scenery Long Beach is a giant pile of oil islands and machinery which is slightly entertaining but pretty much ugly as hell. Orange county is nothing but houses on the beach and flat sand until you get to Laguna which is really pretty. I rarely can go that far so i'm whining and having a tantrum

George says hi, by the way.

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Hi George! Give him a hug and chase him around for me :)

Honeymoon 059.jpg

This is what I'm working with.

This was in Manzanita, which is a little south of me. Lovely beach and not as many tourists as Cannon Beach, which is right next door.


Now i'm really crying! It's amazing.

It's a short flight! Come on up!

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Just looking at these was so calming and refreshing

Thanks, the breeze was really cool and nice.

Nothing like a fresh breeze off the water