In the Spirit of Halloween

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Let's show some monos with the thought of Halloween in mind shall we...


Something about monos are always somewhat spooky...


Now this is SCARY!!!!!!!!!


Some spider web action is a must!


Care to join me for a brew???


A nice shot of the lady and her skinny companion. Dude needs to get some meat on those bones sheesh!


Got to have a creepy looking mystical man.


Have a great week friends!

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I somehow prefer a colourfully spooky Halloween, but monochrome works as well! I love the tree in the second picture, although I think it might suit better for a horror movie poster...haha..

Nice photo.

Mono trees devoid of their leaves always make for a spooky background. What's the animal on the mystical man's shoulders? A bear cub?

I cant say for sure, but this is a less distorted image. Apparently it has wings and a long tail.


Haha...pretty cool stuff happy Halloween dude 🙀

Spooky! 😊. Happy Halloween!

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