Monochrome Monday - Can you guess what it is?

in monochromemonday •  5 months ago

I've been watching the wonderful photos posted by the participants of #monochromemonday but I'm truly inspired by @old-guy-photos idea to incorporate a guessing game. I hope you enjoy this submission.

What is it?


Maybe this one will help you figure it out?


Still not sure? How about this one?


Looks like the wee thing may have a bit of the snifflies


Meet Chewie

She's only allowed on the couch during a know...because she's my mighty protector. It's her job to sit very close and make sure the scary noises don't hurt me. It's not because she's a scaredy dog or anything like that.

That's her story and she's sticking to it.

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I am just seeing this! So cute!. Cant vote it but will vote your latest post!!


Thanks. She's my boo-boo dog. <3 I think I've got more pictures of her than my kids! LOL
I still have time to post a #MonochromeMonday submission :) I can't believe it's already been a week!

scaredy dog ;-) super cute.


She's so goofy sometimes. LOL

From the first pic, I was thinking cat - so I was close!


I probably would have guessed cat too. I never had a dog with such crazy whiskers. LOL

Omg, Chewie is adorable. I miss mine, hope to get another one soon.


Chewie is a rescue dog with special needs but she's my baby girl. I can't even begin to think how devastating it will be when she crosses the rainbow bridge. Losing a furbaby is so hard! I cannot wait to see pics of your new addition. :)

nice caption....:)