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At the root of proving identity under the current centralized systems of power is the assumption that all applicants are lying about who they are. They collect various forms of truth certificates in an attempt to prove worthiness and allow privilege. This was necessary in the past because authority always required third party assistance.

Centralization of large aggregations of data is a very bad idea because it creates a giant honeypot that can be hacked. We have the Equifax data breach as proof of this.

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Since the invention of bitcoin, this is no longer technically necessary but the idea still persists because of the mistaken idea that terrorism will escalate out of control without KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering).

The reality is that the biggest form of terror is government itself. Terror is a byproduct of authority. Take authority out of the equation and you reduce and decentralize power by spreading it out so thin that nobody has enough of it to do significant damage. Then terror with MOABs eventually becomes fights with something less lethal. The state in actual fighting power far outstrips the individual. In this regard, I call ISIL a state as well.

Eliminate the “great satan” (that would be the USA in the middle east) and you remove any reason for ISIL to exist. Remove ISIL and other state threats, and soon the USA Department of Defense has no reason to exist. Then the bullets will begin to decline in production. They need each other to exist because they are in a symbiotic relationship.

Andreas Antonopoulos and three others on a panel discussing the issue of “self sovereign identity”.

The question really is “why is anyone allowed more say in who has a right to do something?” Why should one human being be allowed to have power over another? Equality is missing from our current system. In it, we currently live in subservience and slavery for perceived privilege under the false assumption that authority is any better than anyone else.

Technically this is also no longer necessary as well. The underlying blockchain technology is capable of validating transactions without it. Voluntary this system is. I could explain the technical particulars as a developer, but this proposal lays it out nicely.

The lesson that authority needs to learn is that loss of control actually increases trust and security, not the other way around. I suspect that it’s going to be a very hard lesson for them to learn.

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