YourMatePays#4: May. How much did it cost?

in money •  8 months ago

Hello Everybody!

Malaysia. How could you cost so little while being the best working and most expensive country of all those I visited during the last months?
Everything worked out so good, people were kind and we didn’t really get ripped off! :)
The most expensive part of this month were the flights I booked.

PS: Also there were 10 days without expenses because of the meditation.

Street art in George Town, Malaysia.
Using the app MoneyControl I log all my spendings and provide you the detailed list of my expenses as a download.

raw expenses655 €
flights for june/august701,22 €
SUM1356,51 €
daily w/o flights21,13 € (!!)
DAILY43,76 €/d

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All the best,
yourmate :)

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