Dogonomics - Udemy Course (Free until Sep. 11th) 咦!狗狗也可以幫我們上經濟學

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This dog-oriented course covers many economics topics: Brexit, demand, supply, elasticity, types of competition, small firms, micro-economic policy, macro-economic policy, interest rates, health economics, and Buddhist economics. Here and there, the teacher adds humorous or whimsical touches, all without becoming gimmicky.

Apart from the easily-guessed personal, societal and econonomic benefits of having a dog, Mr. Sivewright also includes non-obvious lessons (I don’t like to call them lectures) on dog ethics (one full hour out of the 6-hour total), dog IQs and “Saving homeless dogs using applied economics.” At the very beginning of the course, there is even a curious Chinese astrology-based lesson that relates President Trump’s behavior to the fact that he was born in the Year of the Dog:

[The Vending Machine - for DOGS?!: A short clip from this YouTube video is included in the course]

Other unexpected topics include statins, harmony and inkblots. More “normal” topics include mergers, oligopolies, elasticity and health economics. Speaking of health, Mr. Sivewright also has some free and paying courses where he provides suggestions (extracted from research that he quotes from medical journals) on how to protect oneself from stroke and how to stay healthy when growing old, all of which are well worth checking out.

I am already enjoying this course taught by Chris Bankes Sivewright, but you should note that after September 11th, it will probably become a paying course: all of the the profits will be used to help dogs:

“Dogonomics is the use of the economy for the betterment of dogs. Just by enrolling on this course you will be helping dogs as ALL FEES from the Instructor and Videographer are waived and given to Dogs4Rescue, a UK charity for dogs.”

Dogonomics - Udemy課程(9月11日)

乍看之下,課程名稱會讓人以為老師在搞噱頭,但 Dogonomics 狗類經濟學 (dog + economics;這種字眼兒叫做『混成詞』blend [或 portmanteau , 法文 = 衣架])但Dogonomics很值得報名(免費試聽將近一個小時,而且有英文字幕).




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