I have gambled $100k because of my family

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Hello steemers,

This is a little story about how I get addicted to gambling. I'm gambler and I have been addicted to gambling 18 years for now.

I don't remember first time when I gambled but it was about 18 years ago. I was underage, 10 year old or so, and played slots with money that I got from my grandparents. My grandpa had habit to recycle bottles and give the money which he got from the bottles for his grandchildren. Every time we split the money and I went to play slots. That was very fun and thrilling to play videopoker and other slots and that last many years.

Those are first memories of gambling. About the same age I remember once playing poker with my friend and we were using hockey collecting cards as bets. We played many hours and in the end of session I lost all my hockey cards to my friend. I was very sad.

Sadness is only temporary feeling and next day you are seeking the thrilling. Boat cruises from Finland to Sweden were thrilling because on the boat was a lot of slots. I was still underage but I got the slot money from my dad. He had no idea about how this immaculate slot playing would lead me to the gambler. It was fun playing on the boat because there were higher steaks and basically now surveillance for playing. We used to go these boat trips every summer.

That was the start of my gambling career. Nowadays I have lost about $100k and I have huge debt because of gambling. but I don't blame my dad or grandpa giving me money. I blame myself not to get help.

At the moment I am ex-gambler and haven't played any cash games for 5 months.

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