Tips: Read this before buying a new laptop

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Tips: Read this before buying a new laptop


Why do you buy a laptop? If you ask this question, someone then you will have the same answer. He will spend a lot to kill the styling to work.

Actually, the question is whether you really need a laptop or by looking at someone or others, you are going to buy a laptop, while you really need the desktop. So, the laptop can not work with desktops, if yes, why both of these have been created separately and if you really need a laptop then what checkpoints should be there before buying it, i.e. your work According to the things you pay attention to when buying a laptop, let's talk -

First know that the laptop is better or desktop, this topic can also have a long debate. Both of them have their own features, and some problems are also associated with them like you can not take the desktop anywhere in a bag like a laptop like a laptop's keyboard and the mouse is worn by the market. You can not start your work by buying immediately. Then who is better and whose choice should be, the direct thing is to see the desktop even if it is huge and big.

But its maintenance is as cheap and inexpensive, unlike the laptop's maintenance somewhere, a laptop is a delicate tool compared to desktop, but it is also portable - so if you think of your work that you have such a portable Need a tool that can go anywhere with you and if you have decided to buy laptop, then pay attention to these things -

The screen
Many people choose a laptop from the screen size but never opt for the laptop to see the screen size, by increasing the screen size, the laptop can be heavy, and if the display is less regulated, the computing experience is also bad It is possible. So, like the screen with a good regulation, if you do not look good, then consider your money as a vestige. See the Screen Resolutions Take the LED screen as well.

Processor and RAM
There are many advanced processors available in the market nowadays, such as Core i5, Core i7, if you are a domestic user, then you will not know the difference in speed of these processors, you can also choose core i3 or dual core for domestic work. They are quite cheap compared to Core i5, Core i7. RAM is way less than 2 GB nowadays it is not coming in a laptop, but if you want even better speed you can choose 4 GB RAM.

graphic card
All the laptops come with the motherboard as well as the graphics card inbuilt, allowing you to pick up the latest laptop of web browsing, movies, and games, so if you want to play web browsing, movies and games in addition to your everyday work like MSS office There is no need to think more about the graphics card.

The battery of the laptop itself is the same as it is, your laptop is good luckling or whatever power it is, the power comes from the battery, so it should be backed up properly, check before buying a laptop, how much laptop does it backup If it is written on your laptop that the backup is 8-10 hours then after all your work it will remain only for 6-8 hours. In addition to the screen size, it also matters what you are doing on the laptop.

Without a speaker, there is no laptop yet, but we are talking that the speakers have been given, it is better to have a speaker on the side of the laptop or forward or backward so that if you place it in any place, the speaker Always be open.

USB, from which you install Modem, Printer, PenDrive or all other devices on the laptop, also see that because in some models it only has two USB ports, it is between 4 to 6, then you are easy to work It happens, in which 1-2 if you are on your right hand i.e. right hand, then get even better experience.

Keyboard / touchpad
Even if you do not know typing, do the laptop's keyboard selection in the right way whether or not your fingerprints are running properly on them. That's not so tight. Also, try running the touchpad which works for you as a mouse.

WiFi connectivity
Wi-fi network has become commonplace for using the internet, it is also very easy to make internet shore with the help of Wi-Fi. Now you can easily share the internet with any phone in Wi-Fi router or hotspot, so much so Not only can you give other tools commands with the help of WiFi, now even the Wi-Fi printer has started to run, Wi-Fi is multiplied faster than Bluetooth There may be data transfer, it can transfer 60 MB of data in 1 second.

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suggest me which brand laptop good for me


This depends on your requirement. What work do you want to take? I suggest Dell in my opinion.

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