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RE: An Anonymous Source Gives You $25,000... [Your Participation is Requested]

in #money8 years ago

I would give half the money to Tiny Homes LA, and the other half to LAonCloud9, two of my favorite charities.

The reaction would be the priceless and countless faces of the forgotten homeless in our country who need our help just to survive and their pets getting food, wagging their tails.

Why, Tiny Homes LA is a great and unique idea where they are building tiny, self sufficient homes for the homeless for very little $, so $12,500 could provide homes for a huge number of people. Also LAonCloud9 helps the homeless take care of their pets. The homeless have so little, yet they still find companions in pets who rely on what little they can give them. LAonCloud9 is helping to provide the pets with food and care, it is one of the most heart warming stories I have ever seen.

LaOnCloud9 =>

TinyHomesLA =>


Thanks for the heart-warming response! It's great that places like that remember that pets need help sometimes too. :D

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