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Warren Buffet loves America. He has been bullish on America since he bought his first stock at age 12. Now, in spite of being a devout supporter of Hilary Clinton, Buffet's long term view of the nation hasn't changed one bit after the results of the US presidential elections.

On one hand, he is still as consistent as ever when it comes to being bullish on America. On the other hand, I'm still amazed that he could support Hilary Clinton when you consider that Warren's father, Howard Buffet, was a libertarian. Howard was the Ron Paul of his day, just not as popular. Warren has said that his father was his biggest influence, yet he moved further away from libertarianism the older he got. Let's look at a quote from this interview on Buffet's current views of the country.

"The stock market will be higher 10, 20, and 30 years from now, and it would be the same with Hilary or with Trump."

On this, I generally agree. Presidents come and go, but the markets will keep moving. Where I disagree with Warren is on the current political situation. If he had supported Trump instead, I would still think the same thing. The reason I say this is because neither candidate(nor Buffet) addressed the biggest issues for me, which is the wars, the military industrial complex, and the central bank. No mainstream candidate will ever challenge these things, but these are core issues that need to be taken care of. Every other issue is small fry in comparison.

While I do have a keen interest in Warren's abilities as an investor, his political views make no sense as a prominent capitalist and as the son of a great libertarian.


Good post. I agree, there are things not touched on in the video. I always enjoy listening to Warren talk.

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah when it comes to business and investing, there are tons of things that can be learned from Warren, but his politics stink lol. He is basically a DC insider at this point.

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