My Latest SeekingAlpha Article on Top 3 ETFS for the Roth IRA

in #money3 years ago

Please consider taking a look at my latest article published on

In it I cover the whys of putting dividend oriented ETFS in one's Roth IRA, and then screen all the top dividend ETFs in search of the best choice for the American investor. This is intended for long term, passive investing in order to fund retirement income in the future.

The rise of ETFs shows there is huge demand for low-cost, passive funds by the public. I try to help and distill the many choices down into a simplified way of taking advantage of the Roth account. A working couple can max out their Roths and build a fortune by passively investing over the course of at least a couple of decades. It's easier and cheaper to do so now more than any other time in financial history.

Please let me know what you think of it if you give it a read, cheers!


Well articulated, and well researched, nice job, Evin. The section on Buffett’s theory and practice for paying dividends was helpful - hadn’t considered the tax implications of dividends versus reinvestment in the business. My family is discussing that dichotomy now in our real estate holdings.