Taxes and Bureaucracy! Entrepreneur Killers!

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Taxes and bureaucracy...

The government loves taxes... Every single time you make money or do any sort of transaction the government takes a portion of your money away in taxes! "Oh, I see you want to have a roof over your head, oh well, if you want to have a roof over your head you will have to pay taxes every year!" What is the solution? Be homeless!?

I can comprehend some taxation, a country should have money being funneled to healthcare, education and protection. But the amount of taxes going around, it's insane! But to me, there is an even darker side to taxes... their Stopping Power!

In the last decades, the world has gone through a shift from non-digital to digital it's truly amazing as a species how far and fast we've developed, everyone and everything is faster and better nowadays... except taxes and bureaucracy!

The bureaucracy surrounding what you need, or don't need, to do when investing, buying, selling, marketing, creating a business is just as hard as in the pre-digital era, if not harder! I consider myself a newbie entrepreneur and, as a newbie entrepreneur, I always have the same exact issue in my country, "What about taxes? What about bureaucracy? What do I need to sign, get, file, (fuck?),etc... to not have issues with the big scary guy that is the government!?". This is what I truly hate about taxes and bureaucracy, their stopping power!

I could have been investing for years if I had information about what I need or don't need to do when investing... A good school system should teach this... but I guess teaching these things is too liberating, imagine the kids investing their money instead of wasting it by sending it to a Twitch girl streamer that has just enough clothes to not be banned from the platform... Imagine a kid actually starting an online shop! Imagine kids that have no responsibilities and no liabilities actually increasing the number of assets they own and actually seeing the true value of money!

Right now I'm looking at two things that I want to try... and guess what my issue with both is?! Yup, what do I need to do, or not do, to not get on the bad side of the government. There is a way to simplify all of this, of course... by paying an accountant to get me through any obstacle, but they aren't free! What if someone poor wants to try to create a business, poor people barely have enough money to eat, they are probably not going to prioritize paying an accountant just to create a Shopify store, a Youtube channel, or sell an ebook on Amazon!

This is what I truly hate about taxes and bureaucracy, they literally stop me, and many others around the world, from trying to aim for more! From creating businesses, creating sources of income, how can I try to aim for more if I'm scared about getting slapped by our almighty government! I can't!

Right now I'm looking at trying to create an online Shopify store, and guess what... I think I need to do numerous things just to start the Shopify store. I need to go to the tax office and begin my company, which is just an idea at the moment and I have no idea if it will ever have a future, I'll need to file papers that I've never seen before in my life, I will need to file everything I get from the sales, I'll need to pay for the small income I get, I'll need to go through other bureaucracies...

And most of these processes have no instructions! I'm lucky if I find a good Portuguese person on youtube teaching how to do these things! And even worse is that I'm still not sure... I'm not sure if I even have to do all of these things I mentioned above! There is no clear information available! This is Portugal, we don't have that big of a community teaching these things. And if I go to the tax office to get more information most of them send me into a death spiral of never-ending proportions that I end up spending lots of money and time doing it...

Another thing that I would love to try is to create an ebook about crypto and stocks and sell it on gumroad! But guess what... I have no idea what I need before doing that, and the information isn't available anywhere!

This is why I mainly invest in crypto...

My country has 0 bureaucracies and taxes on crypto, which means I don't have to go through all these issues with crypto. I can trade, invest and get money without having to go through lots of bureaucracy. I can blog on Steem, Hive, Publish0x, Discussions, uptrend, Trybe, minds, etc... get some money from these blogging platforms and not have to deal with the bureaucracy.

Bureaucracy kills millions of aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide...

Hopefully, I'll be able to find more information about all the bureaucracy surrounding online businesses, online sales, etc... soon, if not I might have to do it anyway and get an accountant after I make some profit.

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Question of the day: Have you ever been stopped from your entrepreneurship efforts because of bureaucracy and taxes?

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Don't wait before starting something. Start your business, and then later you will deal with the taxes.

Last year I took a free course online and do my corporate tax myself. In the coming weeks, I will take this free course again and improve this skill myself instead to pay someone else.