[No. 3] Money! ... Mastering The Game Series ...

in money •  last year


We all know the drag of taxes, to some degree, but few realise how big bite taxes take from our ability to achieve financial freedom. The greatest investors in the world understand the importance of tax efficiency ... Tax keeps you back ...

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I feel a little ripped off by promobot. Just the two of us in there at 5sbd each with a 222% return and I got an upvote of $8 instead of the $35


Hey @uplandmines,

I agree ... 😞 ... Not cool! ... What can we do. Let's see it as a learning opportunity. It seems some of these bot's can't be trusted. I think I will ad @promobot to my "Don't use bot's" list ...

Anyways, let's keep the faith and Steem on ... 🚂