Have the masses lost hope in crypto?

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It has been a rough year for crypto currencies. After a nonstop increase in 2017, 2018 has been the exact opposite. There have been. Few slight recoveries, but we sit at the lowest at all of 2018.

Where does it go from here?

I have no Idea. It could be bottom soon, or that bottom could be closer to $3200. Maybe at some point people will be giving away BTC for free like they were back in the early days. I doubt that happens though.

It seems that every asset class is struggling from commodities to real estate and stocks to bonds. Could this be a 2008 style event all over again. I certainly hope not, but remember out of the 2008 crisis, BTC was born.


I may be wrong, but this feels like one last shakeout of the weak hands before futures, etf’s, and Bakkt come into play.

I certainly think that is a real possibility and hope that it is! I feel awful for the people who bought at $18-19k and are completely lost

it is crisis time ... but seems to me steem is damn near bottom ,,, but what the hells do i know

yeah, 2018 has SUCKED for crypto, but it brought back reality too

I think I might plow into some more Steem! I am ready for this year to be over with from a crypto standpoint!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Hopefully the masses have lost hope, because that means things are just about to start heading up in price. That's how it works.

BOOM! That is exactly how it works. People’s logic is completely backwards from reality. We might need to drop more!

I don't have the money to buy Steem right now, but if it drops below $0.20 (which is a possibility at this point), I'm going to start selling stuff on craigslist to get some funds. Ha ha.

Plasma!! I didn’t realize how low Steem has gotten! Hmm!! 🤔🤔 could be a good entry point!

Dropping to zero .... it feels like it

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It definitely feels this way. I think there may be more selling pressure ahead but could be a buying opportunity for some

Hopefully a rough patch will weed out the weak(crap coins with no future).

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I definitely see his happening! But then again some of these shitcoins may end up mooning like we saw in ‘17 where these dead projects were brought back to life

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