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Sharing how my family found ways to save/earn $86.26 in December using a number of programs and activities.

Below is how we did in each program this month, and the total amount saved in the program since I started tracking.

ProgramNameMonthly IncreaseLifetime Savings
Crypto Faucet$11.93$18.51
Checkout 51$1.50$30.25
Fetch Rewards$1.02$1.02
Saving Star$0.00$38.73
Card Cash$0.00$110.98
Card Pool$0.00$5.60

At over $57, Script Gift Cards ( buying giftcards and getting a % back off kids tuition) is again the biggest. We have really focused in on this for the majority of our purchases as long as the discounted rates are on par with cardpool/cardcash. It has the added benefit of delaying certain impulse purchases that we decided were not actually necessary.

Bringing in over $11 claiming from the Crytpo Currency Faucets was my second biggest area for December. More details are in my Steemit Post here.

Ebates continues to reward for consistency. I do catch myself forgetting to click through and I have missed several potential rebates. I always seem to remember right after I have paid.

Digital Coupons: Not surprising my digital coupons round out the bottom, but for taking a few pics of my receipts its fine with me. Ibotta, Checkout51, Fetch Rewards, and Kellogs Family Rewards.

Please let me know if you have any question below!

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