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RE: An Anonymous Source Gives You $25,000... [Your Participation is Requested]

in #money8 years ago

Well , first I thought about giving it to my wife - that defeats the purpose of not giving it to yourself. (It would keep up having to file bankruptcy)
Then I thought of giving it to one of my sons recovering from TBI - but the other three would think I picked a favorite.
Then I thought about giving it to all 4 sons , but they are young and resilient with a life ahead of them - they will make it just fine.

So lastly , we have a beggar / vagrant / vet on just about every other corner - yeah go Murica - we can spend 18 trillion dollars on fucking military and prisons - but no social programs - because that shit leads to a nanny state.

SO I would give it to one of the 5 closest humans who's lives are in more despair than mine.

I suppose they might smile a bit - if you were homeless and got 25k it might just make your day.

Why - , well it's the same reason I am excited about all the alt-currencies - redistribution of wealth for a 'fair' world. :)

Peace - everyone have a good day.


Thanks for the awesome response! It's so nice of you to want to give it to someone you don't even know! And I'm sure if you gifted a homeless person $25,000, it'd do more than make their day haha, probably their whole year. That's a place to live, a car, and food for months. :)

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