Watching Support On Gold & The Weekly Review

in money •  7 months ago

Gold and silver had a hard week looking for a turnaround as support levels could break on through. Silver is at its best buys in a long time so please take heed and stack as many as you can....

Oil looks like it might be coming back through to support off the weekly charts watch for previous high breaks as mentioned earlier the goal was to get to approximately $70 a barrel

The dollar looks like it has higher lows coming into resistance let's see if we get a rejection or a follow-through

Bitcoin 's awesome highs last week but has can come down into support and is consolidating very nicely even as we speak looks like a 60 minute chart is breaking out onwards and upwards.

I have not seen any action on the futures contract for bit coin as word on the street is Wall Street just wants a piece of the action as a derivative and with $10,000 per contract leaves most of our society out in the cold. Pretty hypocritical when you can buy fractions of the coin but you can only participate in Wall Street with $10,000 per contract. We will see how useless the contract becomes.

Other than that waiting for crypto's to rise with bitcoin, the inflection point is yet to be seen.

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