Daily Morning Trading At The Open Miners Ready To Move Up?

in money •  18 days ago

Looking at the dollar on the open going into resistance.
S&P and the Dow Jones as well as the NASDAQ on making new highs.
Crude still trying to wake up and move forward to 70.
The VIx should be coming into a bottom in reversing as volatility should be increasing with the reversal
Gold and silver still struggling to hold their support levels of gold is really close to passing 1300 and silver is struggling to hold on to 17
The miners look positive this week as Monday movement into resistance on the daily charts look promising for the rest of the week

BTC Bitcoin hits in all-time high depending on what exchange that you are looking at it, it either hit 10,000 or just stopped short of the big emotional spot. As it looks right now the coin does not look like a bubble. Amazingly enough it almost looks like it could move past 10,000 without a hick-up

Catch me in the mornings on the open for equities and coming soon on the open for crypto's at 5 PM Arizona time.

The purpose of these videos during the first hour of trading on new candles is to find the home in on players for the day.

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