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RE: An Anonymous Source Gives You $25,000... [Your Participation is Requested]

in #money8 years ago

up until about 10 hours ago my answer to this would have been. cousin in law

Reaction..hopefully jumping straight online to book some flights

Reason.. she has been fighting breast cabcer for the last four years and exhausted every treatment in the UK. so has been crowdfunding to raise 50k for pioneering and very succesful treatment in germany. 12 days ago she found out the cancer has spread to her lungs and that without the treatment she only has months to live.

** 10 hours ago she reached her target thanks to a report on the local news. Now I'd ask her to nominate a friend from the support groups she is in to recieve the 25k


That's awesome news! I hope she recovers and the treatment is successful! That's amazing that so many people crowdfunded! :D

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