Did you know the ECB is printing 3x the entire Market Cap of Bitcoin in fiat every month?

3 months ago
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To put the current Bitcoin price into perspective... Did you know the European Central Bank (ECB) is printing 3x the entire market capitalization of Bitcoin in fiat every month?

The ECB is buying 60 billion euros of assets a month with newly created money!
At the current Bitcoin price of $1230 the Bitcoin market capitalization stands at 20 billion in US Dollar (18.37 billion Euro). This means that instead of buying government bonds the European Central Bank could buy all Bitcoin in existence every 10 days at the current Bitcoin price.

Market capitalization

AssetMarket Cap in millions of USD


  • Banksters are crazy!
  • Bitcoin is still cheap :)

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Really true - nice picture about robbery :-)

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Glad to be part of this bitcoin, blockchain, crypto era!!!