Mice Chew Through £13,000 In Bank Notes In Cash Machine

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The technicians opened the ATM and found the mice had feasted on half of the cash the ATM held – 1.2 million Indian rupees. Or we could go for a glass half full approach, and say the mice thankfully left half of the money in one piece?

The bank complained to the police, but since there aren’t many tiny mouse-sized handcuffs around, there was little the police could do.

The Tinsukia district Superintendent of Police, Mugdhajyoti Mahanta, explained:

When the engineer and other officials opened the ATM, they found destroyed notes and also found a dead mouse inside the ATM.money.jpg
A senior police official in Tinsukia said:

On June 14 when the ATM was opened for repair, technicians found shreds of currency notes of different denomination, including many Rs 2000 and Rs 500 notes.

Few mice were also found inside the ATM. A formal complaint has been lodged with the police at Sijubari outpost.

While the bank didn’t see the funny side of the chewed money, Twitter didn’t fail us, bringing hilarity to the otherwise unfortunate situation:

Surgical strike by mice on ATM machine

The money launderer’s version of ‘My dog ate my homework’.

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