Do you want to be financial independent? This is why I buy dividend stocks!

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Financial independence

I have written many posts about dividend stocks and dividend strategies without listing the rational for doing it. This is what I will address in this post. If you are new here, I advise you to first check out my posts about what the dividend growth strategy is. You can find it here:

Over to the good stuff. Why do I want to spend money and time to invest in dividend companies? It all comes down to the goal of financial independence. With a high annual dividend from dividend companies every year, this allows me to do more of the things I love. I like to go to work, but with a high annual dividend I can actually choose if I want to work or not. I can choose how much I want to work. By utilizing this strategy, it gives me the flexibility to do what I want. The dividend will in earlier stages be a great supplement toward my income, but I want it to grow so large that I can potentially live off the dividend if I have too.

Freedom, what to do with all this freedom?
For me, I love to plan my own days. I have always loved to travel as well. With a monthly dividend payment I can afford to travel without having to save up for months to do this. I’m only 23 years old, but I have already been to always half of the American states, 1/3 of the countries in the EU in addition to many Asian and African countries. If you wonder, I’m from ice-cold Norway north in Europe. For me investing in stocks and receiving dividend is not just about getting rich. It’s about having the ability to continue to travel around the world and not having to worry about money when doing so.

I hope this clears things up about my interest and motivation for dividend companies! If you want to read more about dividend companies I have posted a few analysis on different dividend companies:

This company pays dividend EVERY month, highly recommend you to check it out!


Norway is a beautiful Country! I also travel a lot, but probably you visited more places than me :)

Good luck!

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