Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due - Investing on Getline

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Have You Invested In Getline?

In a few of my recent blogs I mention a couple of great P2P lending sites I've been an active member of for a few months and today I would like to dive a little deeper and present the steemit community with an alternative option to invest your bitcoin. I've included a short 2 minute video presentation below to better understand the concept.

How Getline Works

Line of Credit

GetLine works different from other p2p lending sites as it is based on offering a "LINE OF CREDIT" to verified and approved borrowers and because of this, reputation is essential.
You wouldn't trust a stranger asking for money would you? I know I wouldn't... GetLine's uses a combination of several verification methods to prove the creditworthiness and level of reputation for every individual borrower.

Reputation is Essential

"Getline is about sharing money with people you trust and building online reputation" - Getline Motto

Now let me remind you... I'm a professional actor, aspiring filmmaker and very popular contributor here on Steemit. I've learned the value of "Reputation" and how it correlates with the amount of your success. Earning it is a motherfuk while managing and maintaining is very important especially in my line of work. So when I make a decision to promote a service to the community.. it's because I Trust & Believe in the service. Because of this... I'm giving my full support and


Check Out Getline

Getline is looking for more investors to join their active and SOCIAL community. They recently added a chatbox for investors and borrowers to introduce themselves, build trust and relationships and allows you the investor to directly question the validity of the borrower before you make your final decision.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Naw, I'm just kidding... Don't do that, seriously.. take them bills out yo mouth cause you never know where them dollars have been. Now that I think about it...

Could you imagine if dollar bills could talk?

It probably only have a crap ton of "Titty Bar" stories to tell so that was probably a bad example but what if $20 dollar bills could talk..

source Yeesh

Check Out My Profile

@MrWang On Getline. Let me remind you that this is also one of the sites responsible for helping me produce "HighlandPark - A Digital Series" and for that I'm very grateful. As you will see.. I'm an active borrower/Great Investment and I use my line of credit for all video production expenses and there are several other great borrowers you might find interesting as well.

So give them a look if your looking to make a few extra coin by investing in individuals like me with a line of credit. As a word of precaution tho.. Please invest with caution and consider all possibilities before offering anybody a line of credit.

I hope you find this article helpful and informative as you look for options to diversify your portfolio... Please upvote, reblog and spread the word about this awesome community I believe can offer you some great financial return, IF YOUR SMART ABOUT IT

Till Next Time... Adios Amigos

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I use Getline too, and I really like their system for short term loans.
I seem to have forgotten to pay off my active loan(((- need to do it faster)
My profile:


yea bud... don't leave your investors hanging... keep them updated with your status at least :)


If you don't have the liquidity to pay it off at once, then at least deposit a symbolic sum into loanbase. That will refresh the "Days since last payment: 78"-counter at your profile, and make investors less nervous :-) While you're at it, can you remind Tamara, she also seems to have forgotten that she has debt on getline?

Of all the risks with doing p2p bitcoin lending, I think I oversaw the "borrower forgot that he borrowed money"-risk ...


I can even say why this is so. On LoanBasewe have dates it was clear when it is imperative to make a payment, and I stuck to it. And then I use a line of credit, and taking funds not bring them out of circulation, since there is no clear date of delay. I can use the funds and pay a commission every day, forget about it for a long time. Looking for more stringent measures.
P.S. made full payment, and wrote to Tamara, she also seems to have forgotten...