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Quick Recap:

Starting September 23rd, 2019, I embarked on the journey to turn $5000 into one million dollars by trading stocks and cryptocurrencies in a way that anybody can replicate. I am using Tastyworks as my main trading platform for stocks and options (You can sign up for your own account with my referral link)

For crypto, I am mostly using Binance and KuCoin.  You can sign up for Binance and KuCoin with my referral links as well. See the Day 1 Blog for my exact trading strategy


Day 18

The headlines surrounding the trade talks has been all over the place.  And the market reacted to both the positive and the negative news, causing the market to be trading in a tight range throughout the day. 

This is a good indication that a bigger move is about to come.  Just that we don't know when, or if it will be to the up, or down side. 

That is why Iron Condor is still my strategy of choice in this market. 

I make 2 trades around the NDX index (Nasdaq) today, and by making these 2 trades, I have achieved a milestone! 

The portfolio is Up 23.4% in 18 Days :)

Trade 1:

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This trade has a 14% ROI potential in 1 day.

After commissions income = $134

Trade 2

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This was a similar trade to the last trade but towards the end of the day.  This has a 16% ROI potential in 1 day.

Profit after commissions: $160

Let's see how this plays out tomorrow.  There is a high likelihood that I close the trades early to lock-in profit.

Model Portfolio (Starting Amount = $5000): Day 18

Model Portfolio total (all calculated AFTER commissions):   $5893 + 134 + 160 = $6187

Expired positions: none

Current Iron Condor Options Position: 5

  1. SPX expires Oct 11
  2. VXX expires Oct 25
  3. RUT expires Oct 11
  4. NDX expires Oct 11 x 2

Position Remaining: 0

Cash Position Remaining: 0

Current Profit Booster Positions

  1. UNG Call expires Nov 15

Crypto Position (I won't keep track on the Dollar value until I sell, as that fluctuate too much)

  1. GTO (3649) starting value = $50
  2. FTM (3649) starting value = $50
  3. ICX (280) starting value = $50

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All contents that I produce are for entertainment purposes ONLY and should NOT be construed in any way as financial or trading advice.  All trades that I will be writing about are purely theoretical and should NOT be construed as a real trade.


!! Didn't knew about your journey. I'm following you. Also on twitter.

Have a great day.


oh hey! Thanks! Always great making new friends!

Hey @mjctraining, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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