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RE: An Anonymous Source Gives You $25,000... [Your Participation is Requested]

in #money8 years ago

Who - A 7 year old friend of mine who wants to study.

Reaction - I dont really think that person out there will exactly know how to react at such amount of money but he will be very happy that he can study from good school for his life.

Why - Recently, after my first payout from steemit Of around 200 $, I helped this guy to study for more than 5 years in government school along with good fund aside. Just for 200 $. He was so happy to wear school uniform and the books that he carried along while I was dropppping him to school. I met this child begging near metro station in the city where my college is, there are other childs who beg and sell flowers but this guy was sitting with a magazine in hand near the stairs of metro, I talked to him, He told me he wants to study as I am a student and not earning anything I couldn't helped him much at that time but since I know the place and home where I stay, He left a really really big impact on my mind and I wanted to help him with full of my heart. And then steemit happened. :)

Final - I belong to middle class family here in India, Amount of 25000 $ is absolutely fascinating, it will better the life of our good life. But what I think is there are people who are in more of worst situations right now, We can spend our lives being a middle class family having three times a meal, but money used for creating the dreams into reality will be priceless.


Amazing response, thanks for commenting! :)

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