What Are The Four Vital Components Of An Efficient Risk Management Trading Strategy?

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A trader with a mediocre strategy and excellent money management skills will fare far better than a trader who has a fantastic strategy but does not manage his income. Cash management is indispensable to the crypto trader. Regardless of how robust a trading method you have, you will find yourself in trouble if you do not apply very good money management controls. What are the four vital components of an efficient risk management trading strategy?


Cryptocurrency Choice

Cryptocurrency selection is crucial for how long you will be tied up in a particular trade. If you enter a trade on an illiquid, risky cryptocurrency, your trade will be tied up for a longer period, thereby growing your threat. You could also hinder your capability to other trades considering that your capital is tied up in the very first one.

Set Your Stop Loss

To select your trade size, you must identify your maximum allowable risk and your maximum threat per trade. When you have determined these variables, you will need to set a stop loss. The stop loss sets a level below the given trade, where you will cut your losses on the unsuccessful trade. Experienced traders know when to cut the dogs and move on. As humans, this is very difficult as we suffer from the sunk cost fallacy and tend to hold, but experienced traders now when to cut the dogs and move on.

Entry Levels

Entry-level is based on all of the above. Understanding the nearest resistance zones will inform you regardless of whether to enter or pass on a given trade. Usually, the most significant trades are the ones you didn't make!


One easy principle must guide your limit level: the feasible profit needs to be at least equal to the accepted risk. Allocation is important. Suppose your trading strategy is 75% accurate, and you lose on the 1st 25 trades out of 100 total trades? You will need sufficient capital to hang in there for the following 75 trades.


Ultimately these seem basic, but so many crypto traders get caught up in the hype and FOMO that comes with the crypto markets. Thus it's essential to account for the risks and have managed the risks accordingly.

Thank you for reading and hope you have a good rest of the day!

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