(VIDEO) More Cash Is Exiting The Bond Market, And Stocks Plunge. By Gregory Mannarino

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In the video below I discuss how cash is now leaving the bond market, putting pressure on the stock market. This very dynamic is a phenomenon which I have been talking about for years, and I expect will continue, now that The Federal Reserve and other world central banks are threatening to take away the punch bowl.
Don't miss this important report.

Gregory Mannarino @marketreport
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When will silver explode?

Part of me likes the current low price, part of me wants it to go parabolic.

Waiting is tough.


If you keep stacking and they keep manipulating one day your children and their children will benefit from your foresight. I too want to benefit from what ever one want's to call this boondoggle, however I think I can live with creating a legacy of generational wealth.

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'Hey everybody, it's me, Gregory Mannarino. How are you today?'
fine. thx, Greg :-) good to see you.


I'm mad as hell and I can't take it anymore.

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Stocks are going dooooooown! The money is going into the crypto markets!


sure is, I'm seeing it in my large profits.


That's the truth, billions are being dumped from the dollar to crypto!


I don't think there is much new $$$ coming into bitcoin and I make that assumption from watching the trading volumes in the live bitcoin ticker.


To me there should be "no problem" in getting the bitcoin price to at least the pre memorial day weekend high of $2700+...yet bitcoin is now "struggling" with the $2600 area. Current holders are still being "played" from within. It would be a good time to remove sell stops. There's no reason why the same thing that happened to ETH can't happen to bitcoin too. Next move is likely dooown with a few bouts of "panic" along the way. Anyone who currently owns "knows" there's no way you are getting out during panic selling...no way...no how. Unless you pay the extra $200/coin in fees to the data miners to get your transaction completed.


Wouldn't you say there are more and more people jumping into crypto now than before?
That's the only reason I would say that a lot of money is coming in.
For example ... Me! Lol
I've been looking at all the new alt coins and listening to reports such as yours.
My only point is when I ask or tell people about crypto currency, I get that deer in the headlight look.
So many people still don't even know what it is.
With that said, it's why I see or at least believe, millions if not billions are being put into it. And will continue. I think it's still a great time to get in. Thanks for the reply.


You will get the deer in teh headlight look even more from people like myself who actually understand eggzactly what is moving price. OK, so you want bitcoin, that means you need to jump through hoops just to do a bank transfer of dollars into bitcoin. Then there's an approximately 100% chance you won't be able to sell at any high. A definite 100% chance you won't get out during panic. And while you are waiting tehre is a "chance" your stop set at say $1995 gets taken out at say $1200. that would be if the same thing happened to bitcoin that happened to etehreum of course. Look at me...I am staring right at you in wonderment....WHY?!!! ...in the world do you even want to own bitcoin atall? :-)


In all honesty, I am a firm And solid believer in the Physical Silver at the prices right now.
I do believe crypto is here to stay, and there is real money being made and lost in it, a lot.
Now I did buy some litecoin and Etherium, not so much Bitcoin, but with The attack on Silver and Gold, it's hard to pass up the oppurtunity to buy in at almost production cost.
Basically, I would rather buy 5 Silver Eagles for about 100.00 or less than crypto, it's why I have so little crypto.
But again, I still say it's wise to invest something into them, if your talking as a day trader, you got me there.
That's something you have to keep updated on and be watching the market, all day.
I just can't do that right now, Greg Mannarino here is fantastic in his reports, I love the guy, but I listen for his report about silver, gold, the economy, and such.
But your point of view is a welcome analysis and appreciated.


My trades have generated gains. My ONLY regret is that I closed out my SLV short with a 240% gain in 3 days. If I had held just a single put option for today's expiry (7/7/17) at the $16 strike those are now trading at 1.05 market. I entered the trade when they wuz at .22 centavos. I would have doubled my 240% basically. :-) SLV "likely" won't be a new buy today. I continue to track it and give 'timely" commentary at my steemit blog....including today's updates.

This housing bubble with half the market price on average of most homes in the USA.

  • I think Suppressed Assets; Stocks, Silver and Gold will be manipulated down, down, down.
  • Then to take attention off some new war we see PM's (precious metals) sky-rocket.
  • Silver to Gold ratio will also drop to 60 to 1 then much further with time.
    time will tell, have a good night rest Gregory.

Anybody want to buy a house???

In the end we can thank the paper boys for the discount on the real thing. Silver eagles are trending on ebay right now with 33000 watchers

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The silver deals out there, now, are outstanding. The decision on what to buy is the hard part. I can't wait to hear what Gregory is going to say, about silver, in the near future.

Nice article @marketreport, upvoted and followed! I'm also writing stuff about stocks and can you give your opinion on my article? I want to have the opinion from someone who also knows something about the stockmarket. Cheers!

Amazing to me how the metals go down along with the markets? How is that.... wait.... ummm.... it's been like that for a long time. I can only hope that when the metals rubber band snaps from all the tension it's under it slaps the bastard thats been pulling it back blinding him/her fo' life! ;)


I would love to watch that rubber band beat down.... LOL

Hi Greg, Question: If the FED is going to try and clear there balance sheet, does that mean someone has to purchase those assets there going to sell?? If that is so....who in their right mind would buy that garbage from them and get stuck with all that toxicity !! Glad I'm a stacker...think things will correct themselves fairly soon 3-6 mos. There is going to be alot of hurt coming. Buy the dips people in metals!! Thanks for keeping us updated brother. Have a good night. Up-voted. :C)

I would like to learn more about money heaven. Wasn't money created out of nothing during expansion? Now that the FED will deleverage,won't it disappear? Didn't money go to money heaven in 2008-09?

Here we go, ready for take off. Things seem to be getting worse for companies and states and, any bond rising could cause some problems. This could very well be good for hard assets. Thank Greg for keeping us on our toes.

No one have faith in the government bond anymore.It's way better to invest in such index ETFs or index fund.

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Well, it seems like the stocks have to go down, but I have been thinking that for awhile.

Thanks, Greg. Always good info.

A phenomenon are these people who still hold money on stocks!!!

Crypto here and now!!!

I'm a stacker. It is a lonely world knowing that the price is manipulated.

Crypto currency hit me like a ton of bricks. It's like holding metals except it's valued properly as a hedge to these outrageous fiats.
I'm very happy now being a crypto-coin-stacker.

Thanks for the info.

Good post. Am new on steemit and I hope to have fun and as well learn new things everyday.

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Thank you for the information

The Fed is going to dump their toxic economy on Trump and try to march their pawns into Washington for their bidding. Destroying the economy to take power is acceptable to these maniacs.

Thank you for the great information and great advice!!!

Greg I agree with you and I read the other day that Grains were up limit one day this week . I will stick with silver. Thanks for coming back early with this info.

Thanx Greg from another Greg... :-)
Keep the info flowing!!!!

Thank you Greg, This mean we are going to see correction in the market.

Once again, great video.

I look forward to your videos...trying to learn as I go. I can't stand all the manipulation and look to become one of your...

Crypto currency has been a shocker to the fed and the central bànkers. Banks are now in a panic mode with the flow of money going to the cryptos.

Yup. Investors are starting to see the light in crypto. Invest in a crypto every month if you can. It will payout :) . upvoted

Keep up the good work mate!

As you always mentioning Greg : "be prepared and become your own central bank"
Thanks for your post.

Thanks for the much needed info!

Great video,thanks for explaining that

I do not like what I feel. I sense a correction coming soon. Oh well it may be healthy. Thanks Greg.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Ohh that's good but I didn't understand it properly, sorry but I am going to follow you 😊

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great report

Informative video as always.. Thanks greg

I hope all the money is coming to Cryptocurrency. Love the video. Thanks for sharing.


Big things coming ~ did you see the news Bitcoin will be Accepted in 260,000 Stores in Japan by This Summer


Whaaaaat? I've not heard this! That's exciting!

I think it's very good. For me)

Another @marketreport Great Vid Cast! All Fiat will eventually seeks tangible assets ~ I know I am...

Great video, I hope this doesn't scare people. The uninformed or un-experienced people may panic and cause more of a drop.

This ship is gonna sink like the friggin' Titanic. Say goodbye Rose!