Cryptocurrencies Under Pressure. By Gregory Mannarino

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Cryptocurrencies getting smashed. Have a glance at the LIVE charts on my website. Click here:

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Yeah cryptocurrencies are in great dip really bad news for all of us ...specially for the new user of steemit who bought steem in january at high price 5-8 $.

Oh no ;-( I am so much upset for that. Please help me ;-(

we have a lot more room to go down before the next bull market

I am in this game for the long run, crypto will eventually provail! Of that I am sure

They can't hold the beast down for much longer!

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yes really crypto cryptocurrency in much underpressure greg

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Make no mistake. Legacy money is not happy to see money going into Cryptos and are fighting back. They truly work to make sure the money flows from those who earn it (insert me here) to those who control it (insert Goldman Sachs here).

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Gregory, so much money is being moved around right now. Do you think precious metals and cryptos are being liquidated to cover paper losses?

I am working to scrape some dollars together to buy into steem and bitcoin if they drop much more.

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This selling might actually be an indicator of next weeks equity markets.

How do you think the USD will react to the yuan gold petro day 3/26?

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really bad news, hope its value gets better soon and we enjoy cryptos....

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Oh that is telecast....i wud love to see that..

Well I think everything has a boom and everything undergoes crisis, boom is followed by crisis and the crises with boom, same is happening here, there was a boom in crypto market few months ago and now there are some crises, but the boom will come once again, as drought is followed by rain

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Yes, they certainly are. The scary thing is that since they're correlated to the risk on trade in equities and the equities have already had a rebound, what's going to happen to the cryptos when the overall market corrects again. Not a good scenario...

it is a bit surprising for me...

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Amen Brother Greg, crypto is nearing a crash~2~nil as it has the exact real value as the air in my cupped hand. . . .
Keep on stackin' man!!

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