Financing in the real estate field

in #money2 months ago

“On Monday 27 September at 9.00 pm there will be a LIVE to talk together about financing in the real estate field.

During the live show Alfio Bardolla will explain more about Lending Crowdfunding Immobiliare together with our collaborator Nicolò Franceschini who takes care of the support of the lenders of Bridge Asset, a company that offers returns higher than 10.50%.

We will see together:
👉 The upcoming new Bridge Asset operations due out in the next few days
👉 How you can diversify your portfolio through crowdfunding
👉 What is crowdfunding
👉 The numbers of the platform and the operations concluded successfully

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 27 September at 9.00 pm for the live broadcast and to answer all your questions. " cit. Alfio Bardolla

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