Money, Sex and Power - Evil Trifecta or Undeniable Survival Basics?

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Original Material by Lori Brown published on Steemit and LinkedIN simultaneously.

Money, Sex and Power - Evil Trifecta or Undeniable Survival Basics?

The Instinct To Survive

Modern finance is a baffling social science. Oh yes, I really did call it a "social science".

Over the course of human history the way people agree to transact has evolved- massively. The average human in modern society is transfixed on “earning a living".
Money has become the thing that drives our lives from day to day.

images (35).pngMost people in civilized parts of the world are are actively focused on earning, acquiring, spending or saving more money. images (25).pngimages (7).jpg
In fact, a person in any given city is likely to evaluate successes or failures based on the monetary worth of the stuff a person has accumulated. This “stuff” includes property, houses, vehicles, bank accounts, and jewelry, but it is even more fine tuned than large assets like these. Not all people have the constant desire or ability to grow a surplus of money.images (33).png

A Higher Likelihood Of Survival Is Sexy

images (6).jpg

Even though we have technological supremacy to our ancestors, the results at the end of each day will tell the true story of how well a man or woman is doing.

Real success and fortune could be measured, in ancient societies, and in modern man by the likelihood of survival from one day to the next.images (2).png

It could also be argued that a man or woman with the skills needed to survive might be more attractive to the opposite sex, images (13).pngwhich means more babies, images (22).png

thus extending the survival of humanity. images (21).png

So whether it was a sweet cave boasting the best shield from the dangers of ancient life or a comfortable home in a modern urban neighborhood, the ability to survive is the common factor.

A person who has clothing to wear, food to make meals with, water to drink and a home to rest in at night has achieved the success of daily survival- and that is truly remarkable- no matter which century you are living in.images (2).jpg


Wait- this is where it gets good... grab a snack if you need one- this is a baffler. Continue reading when you are prepared to let go of a common misconception.


Is It True That Money Is At The Root Of All Evil?

The common saying “Money is at the root of all evil” makes some people roll their eyes, and others nod in agreement.
In order to understand whether or not there is truth to this claim, it is important to analyze not only the motivation behind evil acts, but,also to take a look at the root of money itself.
As I explored in The Evolution Of Money Part 1 and 2 it became clear that currency appeared on the scene when bartering was not working out peacefully.

Sometimes, people did not want the goods offered in a trading or bartering system. Money acted as a medium of exchange so people could freely get the things they needed and wanted without (as many) disgruntled parties.

So money is not the root of evil... it is the root of our transition from instinct-only creatures to a more civilized version of the same monsters.
Sure, the evils of the world might be affected by the motivation to get more money, but it is certainly not the root cause of any evil. The common denominator in the earliest uses of currency was the desire to survive a little longer.

The old saying “Money is at the root of all evil” is not accurate or complete. It might be more accurate to say money is at the root of our instinct to survive.

Perhaps it is our instincts that are "evil', and maybe we are fighting the carnal beasts within- every time we pay for our gasoline or our coffee and politely accept the change from a cashier.
Money seems to slow down the monstrous aspects, in this regard. While this is all still up for debate, from here, it starts to look as if our basic, human instinct is actually at the root of all evil and money is simply a tool on the road out of the savage past.

Please comment on this ... I am curious to see what other thoughts my peers may have regarding the old saying.

Lori Brown

Professional Writer | Journalist | Authentic Human Spiritual Student of Life | Guitar-Jamming-Mama

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It seems that you're new to Steemit, so I'm going to help you out. One of the best ways to grow your account is to comment on people's blogs with "relevant" comments. Once they see that you actually care about what they're writing and that you're not just trying a "follow-for-follow" scam that is absolutely worthless on Steemit, then they might check out your blog.

Take the time to actually read the posts you're viewing, and write quality, original comments. That's the best way to succeed here.

Just my opinion. You can take it or leave it. From past experience, you probably won't even read this comment. Still, good luck!

Nice to see you back @lorilikes :) Attempts at witty remarks are falling short today, but my take on the matter it is that we all have needs that require fukfillment. If needs aren't consciously met then the we subconsciously fondle ways to achieve satisfaction. Sideways satisfaction may take the form of power struggles, money games, or any other form of addictive behaviors. ;)

That typo for the word fulfillment... was placed perfectly. LOL
Good to see ya.

Yaaas! I just knew you'd find it :)

Hey, I was actually just thinking about you today. I was wondering where you happened off to. Glad to see you're still around. :)

The phrase "Money is the root of all evil" (and variants thereof) are common, but I don't think that any of them are right. That's similar to what you concluded. The actual phrase from the King James version of the Bible is "the love of money is the root of all evil." 1 Timothy 6:10

When the verse is correctly recalled, it gives much more clarity as to why the evil exists. When someone cares more about money than others, they are greedy and do things like embezzle, or steal, or defraud. The love of money can lead a person to do all sorts of evil things. The money itself isn't evil. It can be used for evil though.

I think your conclusion that money is a tool is appropriate. Your look into the origins of money is appropriate because the thinking behind how it got started can lead us to have a better view of money and how it should be used. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe we all just keep loving the money and forgetting to do good and not evil. Or maybe we actually change. Time will tell.

Wow that was a great awakening shift, thanks! Interesting indeed. The Love of money ... stems from love of things, which points to the whole "instinct to survive" thing. Perhaps life itself is ... ahhhh I don't know. I don't know.

Ha ha, don't overthink it too much. I mean, don't not overthink it, just not too much. We're not really doing our job if we underthink things, right? For instance, why is it that my computer's dictionary knows "overthink" but not "underthink?" Maybe someone who was writing the code underthought how much thinking was required in case someone was overthinking.

Thanks for instigating that!

Seriously though, when the love/value of a specific thing or outcome becomes greater than people, then trouble is likely to happen. Heck, even if "getting a person" becomes more important than the actual person, it's likely to end poorly.

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