All banks were not created equal

in #money3 years ago

JP trading at all-time high. Goldman close to all-time high. Every other bank under the sun has had dramatic declines in stock value ever since the 2008 mess with credit-default swaps.
This financial product was developed by... JP Morgan! And sold to every other bank before it blew.
Now given their history in rigging the market for precious metals (they have traders in custody right now) you can bet that there is more going on. The $ keeps on being printed every day. I read an article saying that the Fed just printed more dollars last week than the entire Bitcoin market cap. Yet bitcoin and cryptos are kept down, same with precious metals. The only thing allowed to grow in value is... JP Morgan!


JP Morgan stock looks like the only true store of value on Earth. It doubled since 2015. That's better than gold despite Dollars being printed like there's no tomorrow. It's impossible to keep track of the actual amount of money for several reasons. Banks create money when they lend. You have a line of credit. The balance is 0. There is no $ created. Now you withdraw 1000$. There are now 1000$ more than before you withdrew these funds. So it's impossible to know really. All we have is estimates, with the Wall Street Journal reporting the derivatives market to be flirting with the quadrillion. That's the thing everybody is afraid of crashing because it simply dwarfs any other market. The stock market, the bond market, commodities markets, any market. Any market put together gives a tiny bit of what the derivatives market is.
Now who is good at making money with derivatives at the expense of others? Hmmm... right! JP Morgan!

As long as it does not crash they will keep growing the derivatives market it more and more. What could go wrong? One thing is certain, JP Morgan will have something to do with it and Goldman won't be far.



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