BurstCoin - Green HDD Mining / Android Mining and Association with Steam

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Lately BurstCoin has been making huge strides forwards and I decided to go over 2 of the more impressive things that are going on with Burst.

BurstCoin Mining:
As many of you know Burst Offers a Green Solution for mining its coin. I believe it is the ONLY cryptocurrency worldwide that can be mined with free HardDrive space or really with any free storage of any kind. You can even mine it with your phone effectively. With everyone having this hardware and heaps of free storage, why not put all of this technology to work and make yourself free BurstCoins.

We must also note that this method of mining is considered "Green Mining" as it does not require you to go buy any Electricity consuming and heat producing machinery to mine. It is a safer and greener alternative to mining options present worldwide. With news coming out that BitCoin consumes 0.05% of all energy worldwide, BurstCoin remedies this situation and helps out the world.

Associations with Steam:

BurstCoin is also diving into a huge idea, bringing gamers to the coins community. These days, all the gamers build huge gaming rigs with tons of storage. What if we told you that these gaming rigs were also mining rigs that could generate you free BurstCoins. Well, they are and Burst has decided to target this market among many others to grow the community and educate the people about the unique features of Burst. Their forum burstnation.com even has an option to signup through steam and there are many helpful people helping all the new recruits to set up mining and claim free coins from faucets.

Any questions, concerns or feedback please just comment.

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