Minnow Investing: Earning & Saving - New Series!

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This post introduces a new series for small-scale investors hoping to take advantage of the current bear market in crypto. A friend introduced me to crypto about four years ago, and since then I’ve had that to thank for new motivation towards making money and earning the lifestyle I want. This series will summarize what has worked best for me.

I’ve been saving and making money in every way I can since learning about crypto. I’ve been stacking jobs that complement each other, trying new ways to make money, cutting costs to save, and even changing my living situation in order to accommodate for more savings. Of course, I run the risk of losing these extra savings in the volatile world of crypto, but it’s a risky venture for a good reason, and it could be the greatest financial opportunity of my lifetime.

This series will feature two types of posts. The first is based around the idea of stacking jobs. As a small-scale investor living in a town with a tiny job market, I have had to find ways to magnify my potential for earnings with the work that is available for me. For instance, many jobs only require one sort of attention, such as watching a monitor or merely being a physical presence at a site, which allows for other attentions to be freed for further earning potential. An example of this would be earning money through a phone app while working as a guard at a slow-paced security site. Another might be working as a hotel receptionist while working through Appen or another remote employer while hotel guests aren’t checking in with you. By stacking jobs that fit well together, it can be very easy to turn the misfortune of a bad job market into your gain.


The other type of post in this series will cover different opportunities available today for earning money. These are phone applications, remote work opportunities, and passive earning opportunities that are either already established as viable opportunities or are up and coming within the crypto world.

My goal as a minnow investor is to be able to cash out my investments to upgrade my living situation, as well as keeping further investments for further financial security in my future. The goal of this blog series is to share the strategies that have been working well for me, so fellow Steemians might find the same degree of success in building savings and earnings out of what may seem like little opportunity.

Read on, and keep an eye out for my posts. After each post I’ll have summary links for the previous articles.

Keep swimming minnows! ;-)

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Love the concept, looking forward to the series!

Thank you!