What Just Happened To The Stock Market? - It's Just The Beginning!

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In this video, I talk with author and economic analyst John Sneisen also known on Steemit as @TheEconomicTruth about the recent dip in the stock market unfortunately vindicating what we at WAM have been warning about frequently for the past 5 months.

The DOW Industrial at one point dropped 6.19%!

Now the market has become vastly volatile. We saw many flood out of the DOW and the S&P into bonds. Now they're selling off bonds into stocks and there seems to be a very obvious identity crisis happening.

We saw a big red flag two weeks ago when Larry Fink of BlackRock told people to buy in...high. So we called it out. The fact is, we are seeing red flags left and right. Alan Greenspan just called the market a bubble. Even the mainstream is admitting it's concerning. Then it goes up again a little bit and everyone thinks it's fine. The bottoms have not even been remotely tested. We will see a crash one way or another. It's inevitable and has been for a long time.

The markets are manipulated into prosperity and that makes it that much more inevitable that it will be manipulated into oblivion. People are speculating on numbers rather than fundamentals. The market has been flooded for far too long and it must come down. Talk about debt and derivatives!

All the while, the fiat central banking system is on the brink of disaster. All fiat currencies eventually revert to their intrinsic value of zero. They always have, they always will.

So people need to take financial responsibility. That's always the bottom line. The hallmark of freedom itself.

Responsibility, independence. We must decentralize and stop falling for the games of the bankers and instead play the game of life. Money's great. Look towards cash flow. Diversify. Cryptocurrencies considering the product they offer have a great future. It's only the beginning. However, stay away from the cryptocurrencies that have no true fundamental value. Due dilligence my friends.

This is not meant as financial advise. This is strictly our opinions but if it quacks like a duck...

See the FULL video report here:

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At this point it's common knowledge on the street that stocks are in a bubble. Everyone knows it!

But I am wondering if crypto will be a flight-to-safety asset in the event of a financial crisis - like gold and silver has been in the past - or will crypto go down as there is less speculative cash due to investor panic.

If I read current crypto markets right, I would say that atleast some cryptos will go down. From my view point however current steem price is not something that could last at that low. There has been good news all the time, but at the same time there could be a dip but I don't think that dip could last more than a month. I am fairly new however so take this with grain of salt.

Question is would a repeat of BOJ buying happen that Fed just buy everything to prop up the markets?

I just hope the market doesn't crash because that is going to be like an earthquake that will shake investors. Let's just keep our fingers crossed for positivity.
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It is years of damages.

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hopefully the stock market will be fine

Do you guys think Bitcoin will follow the NASDAQChart? :)

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