Emerging Market CRISIS! - The Coming Domino FALL & What You Need To Know

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In this video, I talk with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent news regarding the coming emerging market crisis.

It's not just Turkey and Argentina facing a massive textbook emerging market crisis. Brazil, Indonesia, India and South America are also very vulnerable to capital outflows. With a massive dose of debt and a domestic credit debt bubble, the textbook emerging market crisis comes together like a puzzle. With incredibly flawed speculation and a banking sector crumbling at the seams, insolvent and scrambling to keep themselves on their feet, this will not end well.

In this video we break down many of the issues currently facing the monetary system and the stock market. We talk about the problems of vast centralization and debt. We talk about how it affects individuals just trying to get by in life while these out of control entities create havoc in the markets and monetary system leading to vast poverty.

Individuals have a way out however. From self sustainability, independence, decentralization to an understanding of money and value, people can find their grip on their own wealth insurance.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies that actually have fundamental value and aren't like the stock market based on speculation and especially not crazy derivatives or paper contract can change the world. Historic wealth insurance like gold and silver are always a win win in our opinions. People must know the way of the road, understand history and break free from this centralized complex depending on the dependence of the populace in debt for eternity.

See the FULL video report here:

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Great show man, we in the #steemsilvergold community are aware and preparing for the inevitable crash of this Fiat money b.s.!

Take one look at northern communist Illinois and you’ll know that things aren’t good . The nay sayers are living in fantasy land❗️To busy posting selfies 🤳 to truly understand to coming collapse . HEY survival of the fittest I say❗️We got to trim the heard , weed out the weak . Lord knows we’re carrying a lot of baggage . But I think this time is going to be WAY different , because everyone is aware of who is responsible for their torment , and they will go hunting their tormentors . Australia 🇦🇺 , New Zealand 🇳🇿, northwestern Canada 🇨🇦 are just some of the hide a ways we know of . Many mega rich bought custom built ships with nuclear reactors , and onboard desalination systems . Very sophisticated crooks like in James Bond movies❓Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if they bought a few tactical nukes⁉️ So if we don’t use our armed forces to go get these traitors then we’re probably see them again in our life time selling another Ponzi scheme . The more things change , the more the stay the same .