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RE: 1/2/18 Post Market Wrap Up. PLUS: Things YOU MUST Pay Attention To And Profit From. By Gregory Mannarino

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Don't forget SALT -
SALT Lending - Blockchain Backed Loans that lets you leverage your blockchain assets to secure cash loans.

They make it easy to get money without having to sell your favorite investment.


@healthiswealth...thanks for this advise. I will check more and more the Tokens of Ethereum. There are many very interesting projects like SALT. So far I stay cautious with Ether. Many of the Ether-Tokens will die but Ether will stay. Sure with SALT or Veritaseum I could make more money. But the risk is higher.

@mafsteem..... You can't go wrong investing in BTS, very little risk.

@healtiswealth...I follow this. There is 1 point I'm not 100% convinced about Bitshares and also EOS. They use delegated proof of stake to secure the blockchain. There are just 30 Nodes who are distributed. That's why it's much faster and cheaper then Ethereum. For Steemit I think this is great. Steemit couldn't work with Ether. In my view Ether is much more secure for very sensitive Apps.

I appreciate your opinion but disagree.
I am 100% convinced about BTS and EOS.

  • I would not want Steemit working with Ether.
  • what did you mean buy sensitive apps? which ones?
  • EOS will take over ETH marketcap when they get the wallet bugs worked out.
  • There is 101 delegates not just 30.

@healthiswealth..."I would not want Steemit working with Ether." me too. That's why I like Steemit.

"what did you mean buy sensitive apps?". Steemit is a Social Platform. Bitcoin is a Transaction-Platform. This needs more security in my view. I wouldn't trust Bitcoin with DPOS.

"EOS bigger ETH"...Could be. Because it's much faster and much cheaper. But there are just 101 delegates. I would be concerned about this. The market will show. I follow it very close.

Thanks because of 101 delegates. I appreciate your comments.

I'm from Switzerland. We have direct democracy like California. This is like Ethereum. DPOS is representative democracy. The same like Germany. Sure DPOS is 24/7 but still I'm not 100% convinced, this 101 delegates could get corrupted. Trough youtube for example. Because Steemit could get a threat for youtube.

Are you coming to Anarchapulco in February?
If you do we have much to talk about.
Last year was a Blast!

@healthiswealth...thanks a lot for the invitation. Would love to come to Acapulco. I've been there 15 years ago. If I can live from Steemit in february I'm coming;-)