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To establish the Renminbi as a world reserve currency (rivaling the Dollar and the Euro)

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Do you know what that would mean to the US and Canadian Dollars After the Market Correction /Crash?

Americans will be forced to exchange in worthless US Dollars, only get 1 Renminbi for every 4 US Dollars exchanged. (at present time)

Canadians will only get 1 Renminbi for every 5 Canadian dollars exchanged. (at present time)

The exchange rates could go much higher 10 to 1, 100 to 1, even 1000 to 1 - that will be painful!





Hedge yourself with Silver or Gold ounces and Crypto's and you will be more then fine.


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what the whaaaat?!?!
so glad you do all this reading and informing!
i would add food to that list, because food is going to get expensive. already is!

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